Snakes Alive!

June 29, 2012

Above: A flashback scene from Tug Harder, Episode 3.

Officially, Snake didn’t have a name until halfway between the release of the first and second episodes.  Like ‘The Old Man’, he was just going to remain nameless, but Class Comics did a Tug mini-site featuring the main characters, and… there it was, his name over his picture.  Funny thing is, I only noticed that I’d adopted the name “Snake” after I finished writing the dialogue for the second episode.  Clearly, it was the natural thing to call him.

I have yet to probe into his sordid past, but I plan on it.  (Trust me, it’s good: the Old Man “only hires mean lookin’ drunks and ex-convicts” after all!)  But even without a backstory, Snake is quickly seen to be a young, simple-minded, safety-seeking, jealous guy.  He started out as additional comic relief, but his endearing qualities compelled me to up his prominence.  For those of you who have been paying attention, he’s undergone a significant physical change in Episode 3 to match his… more ‘substantial’ role.

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