More Praise for Tug Harder

December 15, 2012

Modern ApeClick to view and download this image from Tug Harder #3.  My gift to you!


Check out these clips from reviews (some old some new):

” The art altogether is phenomenal…  Really good story, sad to see it end.” – The Gay Comic Geek – GayComicGeek.com

“…sad to see the story end, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes their comics with some gay sensibility and plenty of cock… …The series ends perfectly. I love it. You will too.”- Jasun Mark – Gay Daily Hot

“The story was excellent. Dear lord, what a funny ass comic! I was laughing out loud… I will say this: Get this comic, read it; it will put you in a great mood.”  Tina Anderson – DoorQ

– “…Good stor(y) and even better art… Do you want to stimulate your brain or your junk? It is rare for a comic to do both.”  Desmond Miller – Prism Comics

“Butch McLogic’s Tug Harder – Episode 3: Modern Ape would make a lovely stocking stuffer” – Siran Babayan, LA Weekly

– “Does anyone remember “Little Annie Fannie” from PLAYBOY magazine in the 1960s and 1970s? I’ve wondered for many years if a gay artist would put out an equivalent series: comic books with visual raunchiness and similar, satirical adult themes. Now someone has, a man calling himself ‘Butch McLogic’. …I may be hooked.”  Allen Smalling – Amazon Reviewer

“It’s like jerking off to the Tao of Pooh.”  – A Fan

“Heidegger meets The Dukes of Hazard meets gay Ron Jeremy meets Alien Meats!”  – A Fan

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