Back in Time with Tug Harder

December 6, 2012



Here are all the ‘Back in Time with Tug Harder’ vignettes.  They appear in Tug Harder #3 and were used to promote the book when it was released.  It’s huge, so you may have to download it to appreciate the details.  Enjoy!

(To download it, A) try expanding the image, then dragging it onto your desktop B) try expanding the image, then right clicking on it to select ‘Save As’.)


Bent-Con Bentlings

November 4, 2012

Just for fun, here’s my version of the “Bent-Con Bentlings”, the LGTB comic convention mascots.  I couldn’t resist making them look like they’re on the front cover of their very own comic book.

The convention is in L.A. from November 30-Dec 2nd.  I’ll be there showing off my comic “Tug Harder – Episode 3: Modern Ape” for the first time anywhere.  Looking forward to seeing you there!


Meaty #3 – The Class Comics Halloween Special

October 11, 2012

A clip from my Halloween pin-up.  Find the full image in this year’s ‘Meaty’.

“Meaty #3 – The Class Comics Halloween Special” is now available!  2 volumes packed full of spooky gay pin-ups and mini-comics from more than 50 artists.  Go HERE to preview, buy, and download it.


Homo Erectus

August 20, 2012

Unlike me, these ape-like men are enjoying their summer outdoors.  

Let’s see if I can get “Tug Harder, Episode 3 – Modern Ape” done in time for my first Bent-Con at the end of November.  Looks like I’m going!  Hope to see you all there.  :-D


Snakes Alive!

June 29, 2012

Above: A flashback scene from Tug Harder, Episode 3.

Officially, Snake didn’t have a name until halfway between the release of the first and second episodes.  Like ‘The Old Man’, he was just going to remain nameless, but Class Comics did a Tug mini-site featuring the main characters, and… there it was, his name over his picture.  Funny thing is, I only noticed that I’d adopted the name “Snake” after I finished writing the dialogue for the second episode.  Clearly, it was the natural thing to call him.

I have yet to probe into his sordid past, but I plan on it.  (Trust me, it’s good: the Old Man “only hires mean lookin’ drunks and ex-convicts” after all!)  But even without a backstory, Snake is quickly seen to be a young, simple-minded, safety-seeking, jealous guy.  He started out as additional comic relief, but his endearing qualities compelled me to up his prominence.  For those of you who have been paying attention, he’s undergone a significant physical change in Episode 3 to match his… more ‘substantial’ role.


The Old Man

June 11, 2012

Above: from the original B&W version that I cold-turkey submitted to Class Comics long ago.

Below: From Episode 3, the (not-so-old) Old Man is barking some orders.

Why does the Old Man have an anger-management problem?  It’s a great character flaw from which I can derive a ton of comedy and drama.  More importantly however, I have a thing for firy men.  One can’t help but be titillated by the implied excess of testosterone.



Tug who?!

June 4, 2012

When I first drew Douglas (aka. Tug) long ago, he had no name, he was just my idea of a hot generic 1970s or 80s gay porn star.


Tug Harder 3 Cover Preview

May 27, 2012

The guys at Class Comics posted a promo of the upcoming Tug Harder – Episode 3.  (Thanks guys!)  Click on this link to see the it: http://www.classcomics.com/ccn/2012/05/your-first-look-at-tug-harder-3/

Click on the work-in-progress image below to see the large version.


Page 1 of Tug Harder 3

May 19, 2012

Here is Page 1 from my new comic, “Tug Harder – Episode 3: Modern Ape”.  You now know a hell a lot more about why Tug is the way he is.


Tug Harder – Episodes 1 & 2

May 12, 2012

Preview for “Tug Harder – Episode 3: Modern Ape” coming… soon… ish.  Hold your horses!

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